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    This year we made the future even brighter with the introduction of the exero2, the worlds most advanced LED fluorescent tube replacement. Certain applications warrant a higher lumen output however, and for that we have created the exero2-h. By utilizing safe, efficient, and long lasting LED technology, exero2 is the only choice for energy saving, environmentally responsible lighting.

    - Model #RTE2H-48CW
    - Wattage: 4', 15W
    - Ballast & Starter free
    - Lumens: 1650 lumens
    - Life**: 24+ years
    - Color: cool white (4100k)
    - CRI: >80.0

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    certifications features installation

      UL Classified Retrofit Kit 1598C

      Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Title 20 Listed

      ROHS Compliant

      Extended Lifespan

      Over 24 year life ** Advanced Two Stage Heat-Sink Technology

      Enhanced Efficiency

      Experience an energy savings of over 62.5%

      Environmentally Safe

      Recyclable • No toxic lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), or phosphors • No ballast or starter needed

      Improved Safety

      No fragile glass • Tempered shatter resistance

      Optimum Light Quality

      Comes in Warm White, Cool White, Daylight and True White (Dual Tone) • Flicker Free - Eliminating stroboscopic eyestrain & headaches • Directional light for increased illumination


      2’ - 4’ models currently available • Perfect for hard to reach areas • Excellent for cold weather – Operational in -40 ~ 121°F Compatible with most fluorescent fixtures and systems ***


      Comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty
      * Specifications for Daylight ≥5500K Color Temperature.
      ** Based on an standard work period (8 hour day/5 day week) usage.

      *** Can be placed in conventional T8, T10, and T12 fluorescent brackets. Any starters or ballasts must be removed before replacement. Follow installation instructions before use.

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